A brief history (2003−2021) and current status
KrioRus history
Igor Artyukhov has cryopreserved the first cryonics patient in Russia even before the KrioRus has been incorporated
Igor later became one of the KrioRus founders and
Research and Development Director at KrioRus (2006−2011 and from 2014 to the present day)
Early 2005
Danila Medvedev creates a business plan for KrioRus
October 27th 2005
Danila Medvedev presents the report about the first human cryopreservation in Russia on the 7th session of the Transhumanism and scientific immortalism seminar by the Russian Philosophical Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The event took place at the ballroom of the Institute for African Studies (IAS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
May 3rd 2006
KrioRus LLC was established as a Russian Transhumanism Movement project by 8 founders:
Igor Artyukhov
Andrey Bashmakov
Dmitry Buslov
Victor Grebenschikov
Danila Medvedev
Alexey Potapov
Mikhail Sychov
Valerija Udalova

Danila Medveded was elected CEO of the KrioRus
April 2006
The first cryonic storage in Alabushevo (Moscow area) was created
The land plot was supplied by Victor Grebenschikov, the owner of the medical center and sponsor or scientific and biomedical projects. Alexey Potapov has directed the project for building renovation and outfitting the cryonic storage
January 2008
The first cryopreservation of a dog in the cryonics laboratory in Voronezh city under the supervision of Alexander Pulver
June 2008
Mike Darwin visited KrioRus facilities in Moscow and Voronezh. A preliminary agreement for his participation in the KrioRus team has been made. Mike Darwin has prepared the accelerated growth project for KrioRus
The KrioRus financial report has been prepared, encompassing the performance of the two years after incorporation. Michail Batin has invested additional funds in KrioRus
In 2009 KrioRus attracted new customers and a significant amount of sales. The company has opened an office. KrioRus started talks with foreign cryonics partners from Spain and Finland. New Russian Transhumanism Movement projects have been launched — Human Aging System Diagram, the longevity review, online shop and Nanolab project
June 2009
Valerija Udalova has been elected CEO of KrioRus
September 2010
KrioRus has constructed the first self-developed dewar "Anabiosis-1". Two cryopreservations has been performed. Saul Kent, a famous American cryonics philanthropist, has visited KrioRus
December 2011 - January 2012
KrioRus has built the new cryonics storage in Semkhoz. In January 2012 all the cryonics patient were moved to the new storage
Yuriy Pichugin has performed a series of research experiments on rat brains in KrioRus and Institute of Cell Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The KrioRus has reached relative stability. On the other hand, we can say that the growth has stopped. Many volunteers have decided not to participate in KrioRus projects anymore.

Several former KrioRus employees have opened their liquid nitrogen and dry ice manufacturing company called "Polus Holoda" ("Pole of Cold" in Russian)
2016 год
Bloomberg has filmed a movie about KrioRus and a supplemental article was published in the Business Week magazine. This media project was organized and coordinated by Danila Medvedev
November 25 2018
Yuriy Pichugin has died in Kharkiv, Ukraine. His brain was cryopreserved and is currently stored in KrioRus
October 20 2019
An official meeting of KrioRus founders took place. The majority of shareholders voiced their dissatisfaction with the CEO performance and decided to change the KrioRus CEO
November 23 2019
Official KrioRus shareholders' meeting was conducted. With the majority of votes (60%), the shareholders have decided to remove Valerija Udalova from her role as CEO and elect Andrey Shvedko, the co-founder of Polus Holoda and former deputy CEO of KrioRus as the new KrioRus CEO

Valerija Udalova and her assistant, who was the secretary of the meeting, have left immediately without leaving their signature on the meeting's protocol. Later, Valerija tried to dispute the legitimacy of the shareholder meeting
Novbember 11 2019, 4 days before the shareholders meeting
Valerija has registered a new company, KriuRus LLC, and later renamed it to KrioRus LLC.

Valerija has transferred most neuro patients out of the Semhoz facility to the undisclosed location. Also, she has transferred many patient contracts to the new LLC where she is the sole shareholder
November 24, 2019
Cryonics patients and activists have created a mediation commission to help solve the conflict between Valerija and KrioRus founders
May 1, 2020
The KrioRus shareholders have begun preparation for solving this conflict via litigation
June 17, 2021
A new cryonics company called Open Cryonics is founded by Danila Medvedev, Alexey Samykin and Dmitry Kvasnikov
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