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About us

KrioRus is the first company outside the USA that offers cryonics services, including cryoconservation and storage. So far over 71 human patients and 38 animals have been cryonized in Russia by KrioRus. These patients are preserved in liquid nitrogen in anticipation of the future technology for their revival. More than 400 clients have concluded contracts with KrioRus on their own and their relatives cryoconservation in the event of death. In April 2012 a famous cryobiologist Yury Igorevich Pichugin signed his contract with Kriorus to be cryonized in the event of his death.  Pichugin conducts scientific research in cryobiology in our lab.

Our company was founded in 2005 as one of the projects of the Russian Transhumanist Movement  — a non-governmental organization engaged in investigating the prospects of advanced technological development and the popularization of science. Even before legal registration, in 2003, the first patient in Russia, now awaiting in our cryodepository, was cryonized in Russia by Igor Artukhov 15 years ago. Artukhov later became Kriorus co-founder and Chief Scientist.

Initially, KrioRus was established for the provision of cryonics services to co-founders and their relatives. Pursuant to growing public interest, we took the fateful decision to offer the cryoconservation services to our citizens, first in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Since 2006 we offer cryoconservation of humans and animals and some additional services for all throughout Russia,  the CIS countries and other foreign countries. 

Currently the company possesses a cryostorage center situated within the Moscow region. Our cryodepository is stocked with all the necessary equipment and supplies:

  • Unique Dewar bottle "Anabiosis-1", designed to store 8 to 11 full-body patients in liquid nitrogen
  • "Anabiosis-2" -  6 to 8 full-body patients 
  • "Anabiosis-3" -  8 to 11 full-body patients 
  • Dewar ХБ-0,25 for neuropatients
  • Metal Dewar KA-2, designed to store 2 whole body cryopatients or a lot of animals
  • Three large cryostats for preserving patients’ bodies in dry ice (for 6 to 8 and for 4 patients)
  • Dewar bottle HB-0,25 (250 l) to store small biological objects
  • Several small Dewar bottles (17 to 45 l)
  • Large number of various laboratory devices designed to store patients and different biological samples (DNA, umbilical cord blood etc.)

We are currently setting up a new large Dewar bottle "Anabiosis-2', to be brought into service in September of 2014.

Mastery of the production technology of specialized devices to store patients - dewars and cryostats - allows us to install new storage units in a short time to meet demand.

24/7 security is provided. There are several independent industrial sources of liquid nitrogen and dry ice nearby, which increases cryostorage reliability.

Kriorus experts are ready to carry out initial preparation of the body and/or the brain for cryoconservation and to perform high-quality cooling and perfusion, capably and professionally. The head of the Perfusion Department is Yury Pichugin, PhD, who has more than 10 years of experience as Chief Researcher at Cryonics Institute, USA. Our company has long history of collaboration with doctors, mortuaries, hospitals, morgues, and funary transport companies. We also have the experience in carrying out patients bodies repatriation, including their transportation in dry and ordinary ice.  

The KrioRus company mantains strategic partnerships with all of the American cryonics companies. We have reached an agreement with Cryonics Institute on assistance in transporting Russian patients who wish to be cryoconserved exactly in CI. The agreement between Kriorus and the American Cryonics Society is currently being formalized. 

In the beginning of 2012 we performed the first in Russia experiments in neurocryobiology. Among KrioRus advisers there are experts in cryobiology, including those now working at the laboratories in the US and Switzerland, leading nanotechnologists, as well as experts in tissue culture, growing organs and in other aspects of regenerative medicine.

KrioRus in Mirandola (Northern Italy) and a representative office in St. Petersburg have been working. The possibility of opening a representative office in the United States and in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is being considered.

On August 10, 2017, our company concluded a cooperation agreement with the "Space Technologies" Concortium - and now we offer our clientst an option for storing the brain/head/body of cryonics patients in near-earth orbit.